2023 Wedding Trends

2023 Wedding Trends

April 25, 2023

Predicting 2023 wedding trends can be as easy as predicting East TN weather– luckily we have a pretty good grip on how to wrangle both of these, at Castleton Farms. After years of postponing weddings, couples were ready to gather with their family and friends to celebrate their love– and they are doing so in style! We are seeing brides begin to stray from the traditional wedding aesthetic and venture into new, emerging wedding trends! From the return of vintage embroidery with a modern twist, to the introduction of colorful, patterned bridesmaids dresses, we are rounding up some of our favorite wedding trends in 2023!

Vibrant Color Palettes
We aren’t saying ditch your traditional wedding aesthetic, but we certainly aren’t telling you not to! As we are diving into our spring and summer wedding seasons, we are beyond excited to see the color and pattern play that our 2023 brides are bringing to the table! Over the last year, we saw brides introduce the use of more color into their weddings, but we believe this trend is strolling into summer in a much bolder way!

While you may have grown accustomed to seeing mismatched bridesmaids dresses, it is time to view this idea through a new lens! Our favorite aspect of this trend is that it can be dressed up or down! Whether you are going for a casual, “Garden Party” look with a combination of floral maxi & midi dresses, or a more formal approach with satin prints, we are loving every bit of these pops of pattern!

The fun doesn’t end with your bridal party! If you aren’t ready to take quite as large of a slice out of this trend, sneak it into your wedding in a more subtle way– through your cake or desserts! A pastel layered cake looks as sweet as it’ll taste and is sure to stand out in your guest’s eyes!

Non-Traditional Guest Books
2023 weddings are serving up some non-tangible ways for your guests to say they were at your wedding and we are here for it! Something we always remind our couples of, is that you should always provide an experiential element to your wedding for your guests to remember for years to come! Photo booths and hours of dancing will always be some of our fav go-tos, but let’s talk about new ways to approach your guest book!

If you want a fun twist on tradition, allow your guests to sign something outside of the paper realm! If you and your fiancé share an appreciation for music, lay out your favorite record and let the sound of your wedding guest’s love for you play on forever! If you want a more personalized option for your guests, try out audio messages! We love the idea of a vintage rotary phone that will record your guest’s special messages!

Psst... kick it up a notch with live videos from each of your guests!

There is no denying that history repeats itself and this stands true in the wedding industry! One trend that we are not mad about making a comeback is embroidery and statement veils! We are huge fans of how brides are incorporating gloves into their bridal events– trimmed with bows for their bachelorette party or lacey for their bridal luncheon; but we are living for embroidered gloves the most!

Who would have thought that your great-grandmother’s wedding traditions would be ones that you are incorporating into your 2023 wedding? The statement veil is a bridal accessory that fluctuates by the year, but we believe they are back and better than ever! Bonus points for the use of pearl embellishments– make g.g. proud of your classic taste with a ‘23 twist!

Keep the trends coming, 2023, we are ready for you!

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