Inside or Outside: What Is Your Style?

Inside or Outside: What Is Your Style?

June 13, 2023

You've been dreaming of your special day since you were a little girl and you've pictured every detail of what it could look like- your color palette, the style of dress you’d have, who would be there. Now, it's time to start actually planning and the options are endless! How will you ever decide? When looking at venues, one of the biggest questions is whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. Well, we say why choose when you can have both!

Outdoor ceremonies offer the beauty of nature in your surroundings and often require less decor, as it is already embellished with natural beauty! However, make sure your venue has a built in plan B option. At Castleton, we offer two covered spaces, our Southern Pavilion and Carriage House. This allows you the ability to host your ceremony in one space and the reception in another, without having to purchase a tent or flip the space. Because of this, we can push making that call until the day before the wedding, giving you ample time to see what the day and weather will hold! We believe that this is an amazing option, as you get peace of mind knowing that regardless, things are going to be taken care of for you! If your wedding is at another venue, which we hope it isn't 😉, our advice would be to just make sure you and your planner have a solid plan B. You don't need the extra stress on such a special day!

If you are torn between the idea of having an indoor or outdoor ceremony, we have two perfect venues that will accommodate both options! Our Southern Pavilion is an open air pavilion, enclosed on two sides and open on the other two. This gorgeous space is equipped with a beautiful patio lit with bistro lights, the perfect place for an outside bar and soft-seating area! The Southern Pavilion gives off an outdoorsy atmosphere, while still offering you protection!

If you prefer a more rustic aesthetic on your wedding day, we have our newly renovated Carriage House! While this is an indoor facility, it has large back doors and when opened, expand the space to a large deck with bistro lights! We often see the dance floor extending out onto the deck where guests can dance the night away beneath the bistro lights! The Carriage House is the perfect space for you and your guests to experience both an indoor and outdoor event, all at the same time!

So, why choose indoor or outdoor when you can have the best of both worlds!

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